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While the pandemic has forced to be in isolation and with abating effect has sure allowed people to step out of the house, Though we still are fighting pandemic, our security service follows set of protocols to ensure people adhere to the standard guide line as set by the govt to fight the pandemic

Visitors and customers in the premises are checked for the temperature and noted to at the entrance.
we also recommend and follow the below mentioned protocol during the pandemic.

Preventive measure are taken by the guard and encouraging the crowd to maintain social distance, and educate them the reason for following the set of protocols


personal- An overview

FORCETEN SECURITIES is well set to be the one amongst the top most securities service organizations in Karnataka, leading in provision of significant opportunities besides adding potential to become an extended body of law enforcement authorities. Man guarding is the largest segment in the force ten securities services as it pertains to provision of manpower to secure individuals and establishments.

 Our security company keeps up its high degree of relevance by extending unique competencies in security services, leveraging significant opportunities with required personnel potential to become an extended arm of law enforcement sectors.  It provide more opportunities to job seekers, and as such we are also the proud innovators who strive to stay ahead with expertly trained work force.  The security service personnel comprise the largest segment of the company as it pertains to the provision of right and able man power to secure individuals, communities and business premises.

Company make it imperative to tune its strategies and operating procedures such as operational excellence, strict regulatory compliance and strong clients’ focus. Our service segment includes security guards, security officers, security agents, safety patrolmen and women along with some of the specialized jobs such as ushers, bouncers, body guards, executives protection agents, hospital security, mall security, service & investigation term, educational institutions safety, general & specific training etc.  

Security guard maintains visibility presence to detect, observe and report in appropriate action through effective patrols or by monitoring systems with due concern over the emergencies services as required.

Moreover to sustain the growth the address business challenge, it is imperative for our services to fine tune its stratategies and operating procedures and regulatory complaints adding value to the clients.

How we do it?

Our niche is to provide finest guards by empowering and training them by a team of Trainers who is being supervised by , Major (Retd) G Vijay Kumar, NIS, International Athlete who has made his mark representing India in the Nation & International Events (Asian Level). He is an accomplished & well qualified NIS coach & authenticated physical trainer and chartered adviser to the Master athlete’s federations of India.

To ensure we provide a condusive and safe environment for everyone Forceten carefully screens and selects guards who demonstrate accountability and determination to protect and enhance our reputation through continual innovation and improvements at all levels.

  • Maintaining professionalism and uncompromising integrity.
  • Encouraging team work.
  • Create an inclusive environment that enables everyone to do their best work.

We have put together a team of adroit leaders with a vision to provide an uncompromising service to the clients and encouraging the team to adhere to our company goal which is quintessential service ,there be meeting the industry standards. As  a result the company is certified under “ISO 9001-2002”, CAPSI, PASAR and we also came under KSSA.


We learn how to avoid pitfalls in our own thinking and behavior, in order to consistently turn in top performance and be a role-model for others about how to do the same.

We have constant reviews with guards and rest of the management to ensure we are on par with the industry stands and while we strive to exceed the expectation of our clients.

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