Who We Are?

Forcenten Securities & organisation run by defined force veterans,

FORCETEN SECURITIES is a registered, licensed and independent organization certified under ISO 9001-2002” CAPSI, PASAR and also certified by KSSA, is honored to functions well by integrating highly trained, disciplined and efficient security personnel (men and women security force) with capabilities to handle challenging situational environments.

Under the futuristic vision of the  board of stalwarts and pooling their proficient resource capabilities and expertise, and stability of people, place and property in the communities particularly commercial, non-commercial, industrial, educational, entertainment, residential units and more.


As an independent organization propelled by the passionate security experts FORCETEN SECURITIES makes substantially developing the distinct security solutions integrated with proper and operational systems.



Our Vision

 FORCETEN SECURITIES is set to expand phenomenally over the coming years mirroring the growths trajectory of the state. FORCETEN SECURITIES services that range from incidental basis to a fully dedicated staffing options. Our embedded personnel focus on delivering superior, the reliable and timely risk management. We have comprehensive approach to a risk management and security solution to serve the entire spectrum of clients needs from advisory to executions. With the mushrooming of shopping malls,special commercial zones,self-contained town ships,IT park another exclusive facilties which are on demand for private security services is expected to soar over the coming years .

Our prompt and creditable services of superior quality has its own image and good will in the field of safety and security services we strongly hope to establish a strong and lasting business relations  in the field securities and safety  services. Your trust in our service will be highly appreciated with an inclination to further the business service connections as we feel sure that our services to be up to your mark in every respectfully suiting your needs and specifications 

FORCETEN SECURITIES assures the fullest co-operations of services and always look forward to serve the large clientele .

Our Mission

We are committed to provide exceptional services but delivering the personalized high quality and effective services to meet the needs of the clients. Our security packages are designed especially for the clients with respective there specific and unique needs the monitors solutions to fit the security needs forth with and efficiently.

Org structure

The above structure of FORCETEN SECURITIES is based on the notable democratic convention and policy of the business affairs and the style of functioning.  The vivid organizational structure provided proper lines of guidance and official reporting position and roles with individual working responsibilities and accountability that govern to help harmoniously co-ordinate the functions and work flow with better consistency in decision making processes.  This structure contains the best minds in the field of security help in meeting the diverse service needs of the clientele with outmost care.

The vivid organization structure of FORCETEN SECURITIES provided guidance and official reporting positions that help govern and smoothing coordinate the functions and workflow with better consistency in decision making. The structure consist the best mines in the field of securities that help substantially in meeting the diverse need of clients

Experience the fortress

It is a fact of business life that every company’s major assets are constantly under threat. Manned securities probably the only true effective forms of reducing vandalism, theft and criminal damage to property and threats to staff.

We pride ourselves as being a rapidly growing organization in the provision of manned security, offering a comprehensive spectrum of security services from a one man-guarding contract to a multi-manned security team.

Our Core Values

The corner stone of the organization is our core values on which the the company thrives and help us achieve strategic, commercial and operational alignment .