Our Projects


Classroom Training

We train the staff so that there are enabled to behave and work will in a controlled way which involves abiding the specifics role and regulation which are required to be followed.

Turnout (Grooming the staff members)

The staff member are need to know that our company defines work explicitly that need to be performed and also the roles and functions that the staff members are accountable, Theft/Pilferage,Visitors / Vendors

Training is given to the staff member with respect to the visitor and vendor management security system, policy and producers for better access and control.Men / Materials

Training is offered for better understanding the significances of men and Martials to optimise logistic work follow and reduce manual inaccurate and increase material handling

Communication is vital part of security work. Staff members need to use effective communication to encourage, share ideas and information, to connect well, without proper and timely communication system, FORCETEN SECURTIIES believes that there will no safety security and stability.

Fire Fighting (this is to bring awareness to the security personnel about the cause of fire, types of fire, ways of operating varies types of extinguisher and other equipment’s for putting off fire. In case fire emergency the duties to be rendered as part of fire fighting is also included in the module

First Aids / Evacuation producer

Forceten Securities offers path breaking training modules helping the security personal not only to handle physical security requirements also handle situations that call for intelligences and adaptations.

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Emergency Level First Aid & Fire fighting

On the job training and refresher courses are provide periodically by our highly acclaimed instructor to continually maintain and improve services delivery to our clients.


REFRESHER 1 DAY (Refresher training is extended to renew an outdated or obsolete information using a refresher course module which is imperative.

Fitness training

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