Training & recruitment


FORCETEN SECURITIES is very keen and certain in following the strict procedures in choosing the right applicants for the appropriate roles as per the service requirements, laid on its policy. As such our securities service make sure that every applicant rightly completes the screening process successfully before the process of selection. We sustain a strong conviction that our personnel are seen as the ambassadors and emissaries and therefore there is a felt need to ensure the personality and service performance reflecting upon the high quality service standards.  It is mandatory that the each and every candidate undergo extensive selection procedure keeping in mind the requisite criteria such as the personal and professional attributes of commitment, work intelligence and knowledge, necessary qualification, observation and communicative skills, interest and enthusiasm, integrity and reliability at work, creativity and responsiveness, customer importance, etc to perform well even under stressful situations.

Taking into account the current legislation for security service personnel in line with the company’s personnel policy, carries out the process of recruitment insisting on all required aspects of security personnel.  A team of well experienced and qualified senior staff and experts carries out the recruitment process designated for the security and safety services. Screening and short listing the candidates happens simultaneously as we screen resource criteria of the applicants and short list the best candidates to move towards the selection process.  We determine candidates potential work fit resources required for a particular service position, such as behavioral aspects, background checks with proper legal verifications, focusing on specifics based assessment.

Our company agencies distinguishes itself by developing the security services but truly make a difference that minimizes the risk with situation specifics as a best mines of the deli gent board help in meeting the diverse need of clients.

We are well organized to provide well-built intelligent and honest security personnel who render top class security service in letter and spirit, well experienced staff that carries out hiring process with the character antecedents verified authorized sources. The hired personnel are put through extensive training and deployed on duty to guard thus. We maintain a high sense of discipline and decorum which is cultivated among its personnel as a requisite for rendering services.

Good sense of discipline and integrity is emphasized and built into our security personnel. Our services are offered as per service proposals keeping in, mind the corporate social responsibilities and commitment for services rendered as per the company’s objectives.


Our agencies conducts activity that influence the right  type and the number of candidates ,both men and women who apply for security relation positions ,remain in the applicants pools and accept job offer. This is done by finding and attracting e potential resources with skills, experiences and personality for filling up the vacant positions with analysis of job requirements followed by screening and short listing candidates and selecting the right candidate to move on board as our staff members. We insist on aspects of security personnel requirements, particularly personnel and professional competency with skills specific where by each and every security guard is chosen by highly experienced senior officials.

Each Security guard is put to proper test thoroughly by officials and ensuring background checks with proper legal verifications.


Classroom Training

Emergency Level First Aid & Fire fighting

On the job training and refresher courses are provide periodically by our highly acclaimed instructor to continually maintain and improve services delivery to our clients.

The team is well trained to combat any unexpected situation and demonstrating cadence to take situation under control ,with periodical evacuation drill ,fire fighting and providing first aid during unforeseen situation is what makes forceten earn the niche over other security companies.

Fire Fighting (this is to bring awareness to the security personnel about the cause of fire, types of fire, ways of operating varies types of extinguisher and other equipment’s for putting off fire. In case fire emergency the duties to be rendered as part of fire fighting is also included in the module

First Aids / Evacuation producer

Fitness training

The establishment of universal security officer physical fitness standards has long been the proverbial “elephant in the room.” Truthfully, the absence of reliable security personnel physical fitness standards may be the primary reason our industry is sometimes challenged with high levels of professionalization.

Guards are the first line of defense and are hired to protect both people and property. So if there’s a chance that guard on duty is not physically fit , he puts himself and those around in danger. So we ensure a regular physical training is given to make sure they are up-to the standards of helping and cater the needs of the people around him