Forcenten Securities & organization run by defense force veterans,pioneer and visionary founder, Major (Retd) G Vijay Kumar

Since it’s in inception in 2014, Forcenten sercitie has been spear headed by the drive and fore site of truth pioneer and visionary founder, Major (Retd) G Vijay Kumar, NIS, International Athlete who has made his mark representing India in the Nation & International Events (Asian Level). He is an accomplished & well qualified NIS coach & authenticated physical trainer and chartered adviser to the Master athlete’s federations of India.

Under his further stick vision, the Forceten securities has grown to a creditable giant, providing securities services diversified itself into varies service towards safety, security & stability of peoples, place & property in the community, notable in commercial & non-commercial units.

Polling the resources, capability & expertise have made a myriad of significant differences in the field of security services with proficiencies coupled with specialized with well-trained security staffs with Technical support.

Major (Retd) G Vijay Kumar, the acclaimed commissioner officer more focused and determined in the professional security services.

Major (Retd) Vijay Kumar serviced Madras Engineering Groups Qualified in IED and also discharged as a certified trainer in total securities such as Basic fire, Evacuation during fire, Bomb threat, Flood safety and crowed management and a host of related tasks. He has cradles and in-depth experience in security and also serviced as security directory in the major 5 start hotels like HAYAT, ISTA and OBEROI.

The company is a joint venture alliances of Major (Retd) K G Vijay Kumar & Mr Rahul Kumar as a partner. The company is well certified under “ISO 9001-2002”, CAPSI, PASAR and we also came under KSSA.

The company offer unmatched coverage of security services with unwavering committing by the high staff compliment, garnering a large number of high profile contracts evolving security environment.

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